Computing hardware evolves at an incredible pace – but so too does the complexity of hardware and the volume of software that runs on it. It’s no surprise then that long boot times continue to be problematic for product owners. Fortunately, we are experts in boot time optimisation and can reduce the cold boot time of your device with ease.

Boot Time Reduction Demonstration

To demonstrate our boot time optimisation expertise we created an i.MX8 based ‘Tux Mascot Detector’. We reduced its boot time by 90% to just 2 seconds. You can learn more from the video below and on our Edge AI: 2 Second Linux Boot on i.MX8 page.

Our Approach

There are many approaches to reducing boot time – the most common are hibernation, suspend/resume and checkpoint. The approach we’ve taken is cold-boot optimisation – we use our experience and expertise to carefully examine the software flow in a cold boot, identify inefficiencies and optimise them out.

Our process begins with a call so that we can understand your product, the goal you’re trying to achieve and to understand why this is important to you. We can then establish how best to support you. Whilst we’re flexible in our approach, we typically offer the following:

  • A fixed price investigation: We’ll loan your hardware and software, perform an investigation and deliver a detailed report outlining the modifications that can be made to reduce your boot time. We can tell you with confidence what the resulting boot time will be. You can then implement the changes yourself – or we can quote to make the changes for you.
  • Time and Materials budget: You provide us with a budget which we’ll use to reduce boot time as much as possible. We’ll report progress on a weekly basis until either we’ve exhausted the budget or you’re happy with the current progress.

In many cases we’re able to reduce boot time by more than 50% – however the savings we can provide depend on many factors including the complexity of your product and any attempts you’ve already made to reduce its boot time.

We tend to build long lasting relationships with our customers, and thus are more than happy to continue supporting you after the project – whether this is for boot time related work or something completely different.

Why Work with Us?

Our engineers are experts in boot time optimisation – we’ve spoken at conferences, produced impressive boot time demos and reduced the boot time of real world customer devices. Our ability to reduce boot times comes from engineers applying an analytical approach to understand exactly where boot time is spent – and then using our experience to understand the correct way to address the delay without introducing bugs. This approach is much more effective than running though a boot time optimisation checklist or implementing suggestions found on the web.

We’ve amassed a wide range of tools and knowledge to help us identify inefficiencies, including our own software that allows us to quickly identify issues we’ve previously seen. Our passion for boot time reduction (and optimisation in general) means that we’re always on the look out for new tools and techniques.

Our collective experience and focus on optimisation means that we’re much more likely to deliver a minimal boot time.

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